We specialise in Indoor Furniture and Furnishing products with equal emphasis Good Design and Market Performance.

We are focused on the Complete Solution - from Design, Development through to Delivery, and Scaling up to meet market demands.

Product Design

Product Design is about understanding the market trends and the needs of the final consumer, and matching that to the strategy of our clients/partners. 

A well-designed product and its lifecycle requires is continuously improving and an evolving strategy, adapting to market trends and incorporating valuable feedback from the market.

Production and Quality

Production standards may not sound as interesting or critical as all the interesting designs we show our clients, however this operational backend forms the backbone for our excellent products. We create, test and continuously improve a thorough set of standards that are part of every collection we design.


This is so critical for us that, we will not ship any products that do not adhere to our decade-tested production standards. We will not stray away from these standards, even a client directly request or offers to pay us more for it. These are the very foundations of our products, any changes or adjustments require very careful testing and validation.

What this means is that our clients can focus more on design and formulating their product strategies and be confident of the quality of the products every single time.